Logo - v4

The fourth iteration of built with Gatsby and hosted with Netlify

Previous iterations: v1, v2, v3

Netlify Status


🚨 Forking this repo (please read!)

Many people have contacted me asking me if they can use this code for their own website, and the answer to that question is usually yes, with attribution.

I value keeping my site open source, but as you all know, plagiarism is bad. It’s always disheartening whenever I find that someone has copied my site without giving me credit. I spent a non-trivial amount of effort building and designing this iteration of my website, and I am proud of it! All I ask of you all is to not claim this effort as your own.

Please also note that I did not build this site with the intention of it being a starter theme, so if you have questions about implementation, please refer to the Gatsby docs.


Yes, you can fork this repo. Please give me proper credit by linking back to Thanks!

πŸ›  Installation & Set Up

  1. Install the Gatsby CLI

    npm install -g gatsby-cli
  2. Install and use the correct version of Node using NVM

    nvm install
  3. Install dependencies

  4. Start the development server

    npm start

πŸš€ Building and Running for Production

  1. Generate a full static production build

    npm run build
  2. Preview the site as it will appear once deployed

    npm run serve

🎨 Color Reference

Color Hex
Navy #0a192f #0a192f
Light Navy #112240 #112240
Lightest Navy #233554 #233554
Slate #8892b0 #8892b0
Light Slate #a8b2d1 #a8b2d1
Lightest Slate #ccd6f6 #ccd6f6
White #e6f1ff #e6f1ff
Green #64ffda #64ffda